Holy Week 2020


The Holy Eparchial Synod has issued directions for Holy Week services. The “closed-doors” policy is to be strictly enforced and the services are to be broadcast via the internet. We are not to distribute the traditional material offerings to the faithful, including palms, candles, Holy Unction, flowers, eggs and the Paschal Light.

Considering these instructions please see the attached schedule of services for Holy Week at the Annunciation Church.


Due to the inability of the faithful to attend, we will be streaming our services on our Facebook page. We hopep you will join us.

Please click on the Facebook logo to be redirected to our Facebook page    


The following link will provide you will all the liturgical text for each service during Holy Week. Everyone is encouraged to read along as you would in church. 



Here is a list of parishes that are also livestreaming their services: https://www.goarch.org/live-broadcasts